Full Body Massage £65 60 mins


Full Body Deep Tissue Massage £70 60 mins

Prenatal Massage 1b2.jpg

Mum To Be Expectancy Full Body Massage £65 60 mins

This treatment will be tailor made to suit the clients concerns and needs at whatever stage of pregnancy they are at. (Only available after 1st trimester).

Reflexology £55 60 mins

Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment involving applying gentle pressure to the reflexes of the feet which correspond to reflexes in other parts of the body.


Stoned - Volcanic Hot Stone Back Massage £50 40 mins

Hot stones assist with the relaxation of the muscles as the body is warmed deeply and helps tension release.

Volcanic Hot Stone Full Body Massage £90 75 mins

Hot stones give a deeply relaxing massage to ease out tension and de-stress the whole body.