Relax...unwind...remove tension...


Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

£35 30 mins

Bring yourself Back To Life - Back To Reality with an indulgent back neck and shoulder massage performed by our experienced spa therapists.


Indian Head Massage

£35 30 mins

Ease away aches and pains with a relaxing Indian Head Massage working out tension from the shoulders, back, neck & scalp.

Reflex Therapy Foot Massage

£35 30 mins

A relaxing foot massage based on the ancient art of reflexology. Deeply relaxing and stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal. Highly recommended!

Cosmic Love Reiki Healing

£35 30 mins

Urban Oasis specialises in Reiki healing as our Spa Director is a reiki master. Our attuned therapists work gently over and on the body using natural healing energies to ease your body, mind and soul into a restful state and stimulate your own healing energies. If you've never experienced reiki we highly recommend that you try it as the results can be profound and the experience deeply relaxing.


Butterfly Transformation Ritual - Signature Treatment

£75 70 mins

This fabulous spa body ritual combines: Acupressure, Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Reflexology. It treats the whole body (including the back, neck & shoulders, head, face, arms, hands, legs and feet). Using our unique Transformation products specifically created to transform the way you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Get ready to embrace the changes and feel free of stress and tension. Let the transformation begin!!! EXCLUSIVE to Spa Urban Oasis - UO It 2 Yourself

Full Body Massage

£60 60 mins

Our ever popular full body massage releases tension from the back, neck and shoulders,legs and arms.  Regular treatments can help manage stress and bring an overall sense of peace and relaxation.

Full Body Massage - Deep Tissue **

£65 60 mins

For those with a lot of tension or sports orientated individuals that require firmer pressure and more advanced techniques to release lactic acid build up, increase circulation and ease tension from tight areas.

Expectancy Full Body Massage

£60 60 mins

A wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic treatment for mum to be. Our trained staff will ensure that what ever trimester mum to be is in, we will ensure their safety and comfort using pillows and cushions. Soothing and relaxing massages techniques are used to tailor make the treatment to each individuals needs.

Stoned - Volcanic Hot Stone Back Massage** 

£45 40 mins

Wow - feeling is believing.  A Hot stone massage is truly relaxing and will assist with the softening of tight muscles as the heat from the stones is absorbed by the body allowing the receiver to relax deeply and help tensions release.

Volcanic Hot Stone Full Body Massage**

£80 75 mins

Indulge in a top to toe full body massage using warm stones to give a deeply relaxing and effective massage to ease out tension and destress the mind.

The Reflex - Reflexology

£55 60 mins

Urban Oasis prides itself on offering the best reflexology treatments around.  Enjoy an hour of foot massage working on the whole body through the specific reflexes mirrored in the feet. A powerful treatment to stimulate the healing process, detox the body and encourage a better energy flow throughout. Also ideal for those trying to conceive. Don't plan to do too much once you have been for your treatment as it can leave you feeling seriously chilled.  Perfect for those experiencing any symptoms of dis-ease.  Book a course of six and get the 6th session free.

Cosmic Love - Reiki

£55 60 mins

Remain clothed while the attuned therapist works gently using natural energies to ease your body into a restful state and stimulate your own healing energies and balance the seven major chakras.  Urban Oasis specialises in Reiki healing as the owner of the business is a reiki master.  If you've never expereinced reiki we highly recommend that you try it as the results can be profound and the experience deeply moving.

Japanese Dream - Hanakasumi Body Ritual**

£75 70 mins

An enchanting body ritual inspired by Japanese tradition. A warm exfoliating cream with Cherry Blossom & Rice Powder is massaged into the skin invigorating the body. A unique foot massage based on reflexology revives vital energy complete with a full body massage of melted aromatic Shea butter bringing blissful relaxation.

**Not suitable during pregnancy